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Root Canal


There can be many reasons for tooth loss, such as trauma, infections, caries, gum disease.

Therefore, dental implants offer an ideal solution for the replacement of one, more or all teeth (toothless jaws).

Our Medical group office uses the most modern technologies and work techniques, as well as quality materials to achieve a safe and attractive smile.

Fixed works

 People who are dissatisfied with existing bridges or wear mobile prostheses  and have the urge to vomit or move the prostheses, can solve their problems with the help of dental implants, and thus get fixed work that will significantly improve the quality of life compared to classic dental prostheses.

 The All on 4 method stands out here  and the All on 6 method, where the patient immediately receives functional and aesthetic prosthetic work during implant installation._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-836bad5cf5d   (all this should be accompanied by pictures...)

During the construction of the permanent bridge, the patient wears a temporary work. It is important to mention that the patient is never without teeth.

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