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Prosthetics is a part of dentistry in which we improve the function and aesthetic appearance of teeth, i.e.  we replace lost teeth, aesthetically correct existing ones in order to improve patients' quality of life, and in doing so, we are thinking not only about beauty but also about the patient's health.

Fixed prosthetics

Crowns are fixed replacements that we place on natural ground teeth, and thus replace severely damaged teeth or aesthetically unacceptable teeth. In our office, we offer crowns made of the highest quality materials, which, in addition to functionality, are distinguished by high aesthetics, which  respects the different  needs and wishes of patients.

In our office  Medical group we offer:

•      metal-ceramic crowns

•      zircon-ceramic crowns

•      full ceramic or EMAX crowns

Mobile prosthetics

For all patients who cannot bear the cost of fixed prosthetic solutions, there are - mobile solutions.

If the patient is completely toothless, or one or more teeth are missing in the jaw, there are various mobile solutions that also differ in the choice of material from which the mobile prosthesis will be made.

In offer we have:

  • thermopress

  • prostheses on telescopes

  • acrylate prosthesis

  • vironite prosthesis


What patients say

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